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As a member of All-State, I learned that there are other choir nerds who really always want excellence in their singing. They are outgoing, sociable, goofy and loud - all in a good way - and they are all part of the White Bear Lake High School choir. Marie Spar Dymit has worked her way to the top of her profession as a choir director at the University of Minnesota - Duluth. Asked if she would name her favourite choir members, she replied without hesitation: "I'm really proud of them all.

Birthdays and holidays mean a lot to her and she loves to share memories through photos and memories. She expands her capacity for love by greeting her nieces and nephews with silly sayings - jokes and names - and smothering them in hugs. Her love of music is one of the most important things she has passed on to the children of accomplished musicians. Jennings is a talented singer, conductor, pianist, composer and leader of high school choirs, but the elegance he displays in his conducting is not lost on Dymit, so she tries to emulate that elegance whenever possible.

Her colleague at the North Campus, Wendy Suoja, has taught the other two choirs, but it was recently announced that she will take over the leadership of the South Campus.

Family is everything to Janelle and I loved my grandma Florence, my dad, my brothers and sisters infinitely. Her death was preceded by her husband Jim, her mother, grandmother, grandfather, brother, sister and brother-in-law.

Miss Larsen became known for being one of the few conductors of her time and certainly the one who broke through the glass ceiling several times. Janelle was in her prime as a mother-bear-mother-child relationship, looking after her three children.

She shared her life - a long passion for music with her husband Joseph Larsen and their three children Janelle, John, Maria and Joseph.

Dymit became head of the soprano department at DWS in 1991 and was one of the soloists who frequently appeared in concerts. Lee encouraged Dymit to pursue her love of singing, and even urged her to audition for the MN All-State Choir. After one year Dale was accepted into the Dale Warland Singers and sang with them until she left the group in spring 2004. Back then, there were two campus systems, and the choir continued to thrive, making it challenging for existing programs.

The choirs from the North and South Campus traveled to New York to participate in the annual Schubert Festival at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New Orleans and to sing Schumann's Mass in G major. The South Campus choir toured with the Minnesota State Chorale and the National Choir of the United States.

The music on the terrace is more acoustic and consists of a vocal and guitar duo, but owner John McGuire said he had no problems with noise complaints, although each band in his book has taken care to increase the volume. Frequently performing outdoors in Washington Square, the duo Joe and Joe are a duo of Steve Lehto and John Wright, described as "one of the best acoustic guitar duos in Minnesota" and "the best in North America." The music is electric and amplified, with a mix of acoustic and electric guitar, drums, bass and percussion.

With 65 seats, the boat is large enough to support live music, which should give the business an extra boost. It is a sign that White Bear Lake officials recognize that more outdoor seating is essential to running the restaurant without the coronavirus and is part of a long-term plan.

McKeague and her husband Jake opened the terrace last year with the help of a grant from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. McGoldrick, who books rock, folk, country and blues music three to four nights a week, said Minnesotans want to be outside, even if it's only for a few hours a night.

In an outdoor environment, music and singing can be lost in ambient noise and traffic noise. Musicians must be able to move their fingers, and even when music is amplified, it is still loud. They wait until mid-May to begin staging the music, but plan to open in the fall.

Daron Close, who owns and operates four restaurants around the lake, recently expanded its terrace to accommodate more customers. He compares the effect of the music on people passing by to a Pied Piper. At Anchor Coffee House, Atkinson has just installed a top-of-the-line ventilation system that he hopes will encourage more customers to drop by during the cold months. Atkinson said some people were cautious and would prefer to drink and eat outside given the options, although his cafe now offers indoor seating with a capacity of 50 per cent.

Before the opening on June 1 and then again in the autumn, the committee will ask residents and businesses what they think of the seating arrangements outside.

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